About Us

Pill Hardware is your local hardware store on Lodway in Pill.

We offer deliveries for heavier items such as coal and compost. Wood and metal can be cut to size as required. Many items, such as screws and nails can all be purchased in boxes or individually.

Please come and look at the various items Pill Hardware has. You’ll be surprised at just how much we have!

  • Automotive – oil of various grades, deionised water, screenwash, booster cables
  • Cleaning Materials – cleaning fluids, cloths, polish, dustpan & brush, gloves, brushes
  • Decorating – masking table, filler, brushes, thinners, white spirit, paint, varnish, undercoat, rollers
  • Electrical – multi-way adapters, spare fuses, replacement plugs, cable clips, batteries
  • Gardening – seeds, hoses and attachments, bird feed, fertilizer, trellis, compost, gardening tools
  • Hardware – screws, nails, nuts and bolts, string, cord, glue
  • Homeware – clothes pegs, washing lines, kitchen utensils, baking trays & tins, rubber gloves, oven gloves, thermometers, foil, clingfilm
  • Plumbing – pipework, fittings, plugs
  • Telephony – extension leads, extension sockets, adapters
  • Tools – blades, saws, screwdrivers, spirit levels, drill bits, tape measures, chisels, hex key sets, countersink bits
  • TV & Audio – SCART leads, phono leads

    Find Us!

    Pill Hardware & DIY
    13 Lodway
    Bristol, BS20 0DH

    01275 372315


    We are still open, but please use side car park and rear entrance during this time.